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Melbourne folk unite to share product management experiences, learn from each other while sharing a beverage or two. If you get excited by making things and solving problems, join us…

If you are responsible for a product – at a start-up, large company or thinking about a career in product management, we’d like to meet you.

Jen & Liz met at the first Melbourne Product Camp in 2010. At the second Melbourne camp in 2011, discussion really started on having get-togethers on a regular basis (instead of yearly!). Product Anonymous is the result of those conversations.

Jen: I’m a huge fan of online communities, especially communities of practice.

Having co-founded e-mint (a community of practice for community managers) in 2000, I know how valuable that group has been for sharing knowledge, educating people around the role & industry and lots more.  It’s also been incredibly rewarding personally – helping to connect people, providing a space for growth, job development, etc. is great to watch.  I’ve made wonderful friends in the process.

Maybe it’s time to start a new community of practice around product management in Melbourne.

What is product anonymous?  It’s what we make of it.

Liz: Needs to chat with other product managers to stay sane.

A born and bred academic who asks why at every opportunity.  I have fallen in love with product management because it challenges the individual in the role and the company when they choose the right individual. It is neither a place for complacency or acceptance. It is a place for dreaming the dream and understanding where the day-to-day can take you… and then it is rising above and asking for the dream anyway.

What is product anonymous? A group of people trying to figure out if the rest of the world is as sane as we are!

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