The Art of Decision Making – write up from session

Steve Bauer recently led a session at Product Anonymous on decision making for Product Managers.  The result was an exciting discussion about some very common issues that we face every day.  Steve has turned this discussion into a series of blog posts that we are going to host here.

A mentor of mine once explained to me that ‘strategy’ is really a set of decisions being made.  And that really hit home for me as product managers have to make decisions every day.  And sometimes (often!) getting to a decision is hard work.So through this set of posts we’ll be exploring the Art of Decision Making for product managers.  There will be some strategy, some self examination, some tools and even some heuristics.  And by the end hopefully we’ll identify how we can even improve our influence through our decisions.This series was developed out of a discussion at a Product Anonymous meeting.  Full credit goes to the team and the attendees for providing insight and critical analysis.Bio: Steve Bauer is a Product Guy.  He is passionate about product management; the vision, the product and the team that brings it to life.  He is currently the Product Development Manager for Mobile at Telstra Wholesale, and has a background in mobile; including with Nokia, Symbian and Samsung.  This content doesn’t reflect his past, current or future employers.

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