Inaugural Product Anonymous meet up!

It happened.  It was surreal.  It had the start up size that says we have something here, but with December not providing enough weekends for Xmas celebrations, it was a smaller crowd than we might have had if not for Xmas moving into November!

Anyway a good night where intentions and ideas for purpose of the Product Anon group were discussed.  Burning issues like how I hate to see bad product design in my everyday life (Melbourne connex trams!) to the ideal place to work (IDEO) other than Google. So what is next? – a session in feburary next year.  Some thoughts and ideas are gathering as we iterate and evolve, like any good product that responds to market demand! And we are just generally enjoying the warm response we got from those we invited who couldn’t make the night!!

Have a fabulous festive season you brilliant people! Liz

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