Product Camp – up the road a bit…

Hi all,

While we’re focused on bringing Melbourne based product managers together, there’s a Product Camp happening up the road from us… or maybe it’s more like … a short flight away.

The last Saturday this month, May 26th, Brainmates are hosting Product Camp Sydney for the 3rd year in a row. If you’re up for a weekend away & hanging out with other product managers, c’mon along. There’s usually a few of us from Melbourne who go.

FYI, typically there are drinks after the event & us out of towners continue on for dinner after that.

For more info, check out Product Camp Sydney. if you’re interested, you can suggest a topic or offer to lead a conversation or present. RSVP here.

FYI, Brainmates will be hosting a product camp in melbourne later this year (october).

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