Why you should be attending Product Camp Melbourne

Product Camp Melbourne is coming up on Saturday the 20th.   If you’re interested in product management, product marketing or how to build a great product (no matter what your title is), you should attend.


As someone who’s attended 6 product camps over the years,  I’d recommend attending because:

  • you get to meet people who have a clue what you do! wow!
  • you get to have interesting conversations with these people who get what you do AND often have the same issues you do!
  • you’re going to learn something new
  • it’s free
  • it’s life affirming!
  • you may find a new job
  • you might be able to recruit your new staff or co-worker
  • you can share your own experiences via conversations between sessions, during session discussions or even host a topic (see the Product Camp website for info)

If you want more proof, check out this great video recap of the Mind The Product Conference.  This is a London based gathering for Product Managers & echoes my thoughts whenever I see a lot of PMs gathering!

Hope to see you on Sat 20th!


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