March 21st topic: How to hire a product manager

I read this article by Google group product manager Kenneth Norton of what he asks product managers when he is hiring. I found it fascinating and am basing this months topic on the principles inside it.

Some of the things that spring to mind are:
  • What make good interview questions?
  • What questions have stymied you in the past?
  • When does the ‘informative’ interview cross the line into free consulting? (and is that ok?)
  • The interview process is a two-way engagement so what would you ask in return?

Would you be looking for the same characteristics in a product manager that Kenneth is looking for?  Kenneth’s background is an engineering one, so does his approach lean to much to this bias?  And if this set of questions defines what a product manager is, do we feel this captures us well?

Lots more questions to pose than I have included here – It will be interesting to hear from those who have recently gone through the process themselves and those who ask the questions.

Where will we be?  Bull and Bear from 6pm.


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