October 24th Meet up – Digesting the IDEO + Acumen HCD course

IDEO and Acumen offered the chanced to do an online course on IDEO’s human centred design process.  All you needed was a bit of time and at least one other person to sign-up with.  I gathered a group of fellow product managers and Product Anon attendees and we signed up to give it a go and learn more about this leading process for innovation.  They will join me for the session to share from their point of view as well.  

This month’s session will be on how we found the course, what we learnt, how we will try and fit it back into our Product management worlds, and how we will keep our minds open. If you took the IDEO/Acument course, please come along and share your experiences.

The usual location – Mail Exchange Hotel on the corner or Bourke St and Spencer st.  This is the last topic event before we have our end of year Product Bash. Sign up here.

Eventbrite - Product Anonymous - October 24 - Digesting the IDEO + Acumen HCD course

October is Bring a Buddy month!!! Do you have a friend, co-worker or colleague from a previous job who you think might be interested in Product Anonymous? Someone who has asked about the group but never comes along? We’ve heard from some people that they’d like to attend but don’t know anyone at Product Anonymous … so they don’t attend. This month, think about who you know would be interested in the group or topic and bring them along! Be a buddy!

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