Do Stakeholders and Customers EVER see eye to eye?

Join us on Thursday evening June 19th for ‘Do Stakeholders and Customers EVER see eye to eye?’

We’ll be discussing:

  • How do you balance customer need against business requirements
  • How do you connect the right customer need to the right business outcome
  • The importance of identifying drivers for each stakeholder group – and their value
  • What’s important? What can be compromised?
  • What has worked & not worked
  • What happens when things don’t go as planned

A product manager has a unique role in a business – one of the only roles in an organisation that is satisfying two masters – both the customer and the business. It needs to be in the DNA of the product manager to strike the balance between meeting the customer’s need and delivering on business outcomes.

Taking into consideration the various stakeholders (both inside & outside the business) plus the customer need may not lead to the best business outcome.  What steps can you take to make sure it does? How can you make sure you are satisfying both sides?  Is the need you are satisfying connected to the right business outcome?

Mat Vine, former Head of Product & Policy at Bupa Australia and current consultant for start-ups, not-for-profits and health projects will lead this discussion.  See his full bio below.

Product Anonymous is now on Meetup & we’ll be using it for event RSVPs.   Please join us there and RSVP now for this event.

6pm for a 6:30pm start at Royal Melbourne Hotel on Bourke St

Mat Vine is an experienced commercial executive with nearly 20 years experience in product and marketing and thrived in environments with P&L accountability.  He has worked with brands such as Sensis, NEC, London Electricity and Bupa. More recently at Bupa led the teams responsible for developing and delivering customer value propositions that resulted in significant uplifts in profit and revenues in B2C, B2B and international markets. Mat also spent some time in the UK headquarters where he led the customer value proposition agenda for Bupa businesses around the world – cross fertilising high value initiatives and building global CVP development capability. He is currently consulting on interesting projects in health, not-for-profits and start-ups.

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