inspiration from IDEO

Thanks to everyone who came out Thursday nite!

If you haven’t watched the IDEO shopping cart video, check out the short 8 min video below. It’s chock full of fantastic information around IDEO’s work. Keep in mind this was done in 1999 – way before iterations, prototypes & agile were buzzwords (or having bar code scanners on our phones/self serve checkouts!)

Afterwards, we talked about the research IDEO did, the artifacts they collected during that research, their work environment & more. We discussed the elements of their process which we’ve used with our projects including having multidisciplinary teams working in different groups to develop solutions, the competitition that arose from those teams, the artifacts we’ve gathered.

There’s a great quote early on in the piece:

‘We’re not actually experts at any given area… we’re experts in the process of how you design stuff’

which goes right to the heard of the domain knowledge argument

In March, there’s a Brainmates sponsored Product Talk in Melbourne – their first Product Talk evening in Melbourne! You can check their schedule of events. While you’re at it, mark October 20th in your calendar for the next Melbourne product camp! See you at the Product Talk!

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