Product Camp Sydney 2012

Last Saturday, Brainmates hosted Product Camp Sydney. This is the 5th Product Camps I’ve attended & as always it’s a great day.

For those who haven’t been to a product camp before, it’s a full day of conversation around the topics we product managers deal with every day. The big difference from any other day though is instead of being deep into the detail of defining that feature or creating a position statement, it’s focused on best practice, thinking about the role at a higher level, sharing experiences & picking up a few new tips! If you haven’t been to a camp before, I highly recommend it!

The Brainmates crew did a great job both in organising this year’s session & pulling together the notes on their blog. You can read a wrap-up on their blog. They’ve also added notes on 2 of the sessions:

Melbourne folks – make sure you mark Oct 20th in your calendar as that’s the next product camp down here.

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