27th September meet up – Managing your customers.

This month’s session is on the topic of how you manage your customers.  We talk about them all the time, but I was reminded by a question put to me by a friend in a start-up about the changing stages of customer engagement.  Whether you’re in a pilot phase of a product, a start-up, a cash cow or legacy product, what are some of the things that hold true across each of these stages of interaction?  What differs?  And either way, how well are we all doing at that??

To get yourselves a little mentally pre-prepared here are a few of the structured questions that will be proposed to the group:

  1. Do you find this easy or hard?  What are your tips?  What are you obstacles?
  2. What changes with the scale/number of customers?
  3. How do you move a customer from VIP status to just like everyone else?
  4. How does the feedback fit into your product dev/release cycle?
  5. What have you seen others do well that you would like to do as well?
  6. How do you give updates back to your customers?  At the time? Via release notes Other?

Any comments or thoughts, if you can’t make it feel free to add here! Location will be the Bull and Bear Tavern on Flinders lane.

See you there!

One thought on “27th September meet up – Managing your customers.

  1. Like most things Product Management related I believe that you need to determine what your customer needs are and that includes ‘engagement’. Some target market groups buying and using certain products may require more management than others whilst others just want to be left alone.

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