Aug 30: Understanding your market’s needs

We’re going to play a game at the next Product Anonymous meeting (Thursday Aug 30th).   No, no… no angry birds! No Fruit Ninja! Not even WOW.   😉

We’re going to get hands on & play a game that you can use with clients/users to help understand and prioritise your market’s needs.   Whether you’ve played one of the Innovation Games before or not,  it doesn’t matter.   The beauty of the game is particpants just need to show up!

So join us on Thursday Aug 30th & have a new tool in your toolkit for Friday that makes prioritising fun (Yes, I know that doesn’t sound fun but it can be!)

NEW LOCATION:  We’ll be meeting at the Mail Exchange Hotel at the corner of Bourke & Spencer St.  We needed a bit of space for this month’s topic so we have one of the rooms off the restaurant.   At the bottom of the escalator, go left towards the restaurant & then left again towards the screened off areas.

We’ll be there from 6pm onwards with the talk starting at 6:30.  RSVP here (it’s free.  we just want to make sure we have enough space for the game).

Hashtag #prod_anon

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