May 30th event – Reflection & learnings of a newbie product manager

Adoption of a Product Manager – Reflection & Learnings of the 1st year

This session will focus on what this newly minted product manager learnt in his first year of on-the-job product management training & a back-to-basics approach to learning & simplifing the product management process.

If you’re new to product management or interested in what the role is really like, you’ll get some great insights.

If you’ve been around the block for a while or manage/mentor product managers, this talk will give you fresh eyes on how to make the newbie product manager experience better to help them (& you) succeed faster.

Speaker: Vaughn Harber is a product manager for several modules of PageUp People’s integrated talent management software. Until the interview for his current role, he had never heard of this thing called ‘product management’ but it sounded interesting. Now he can’t imagine doing anything else.

Location: Mail Exchange Hotel on the corner of Collins & Spencer. Once down the escalator, walk to the left of the bar which leads to the restaurant. We’ll be in the function room at the far left of the restaurant.

Time: 6 – 6:30p – arrival & drinks.  Talk starts at 6:30pm

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One thought on “May 30th event – Reflection & learnings of a newbie product manager

  1. I attended this event last night and I wanted to leave this comment to, firstly, thank you for it and ,secondly, apologise for disappearing so abruptly. After the fire alarm saw us bundled out onto the street I decided to bail and skip the pub and go home. I was extraordinarily tired and just needed to go. However, I thought the presentation was excellent and found the discussion to be very interesting: thank you Vaughan for doing such a great job presenting; thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts; thanks to Liz for making me feel so welcome.

    My work is helping folks to write better plans (strategic, business and project) and develop better business cases and models. Up till now I have worked mostly in the Not For Profit sector (especially with creatives and also with community organisations). I may be branching out into looking at product management as I am helping a designer who is working on furniture design test the feasability of her business design and then perhaps to begin to put together a business plan. Neither of us has ever worked at producing product before (except for artistic product as we both started off in the arts) so I thought I could do worse than come along to your meeting and have a listen.

    I am looking forward to coming to more sessions (especially if you DO do one about difficult clients) (grrr…). I am sure that there is a lot I can learn from the group. But, in listening to the presentation and discussion last night, I also felt that I could draw lots of parallels between what people were talking about and my own past experiences. So oddly enough, a lot of what people were saying sounded strangely familiar. I feel very encouraged about that.

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