June 20th event: Art of Decision Making for Product Managers

The Art of Decision Making for Product Managers

Nothing happens without a decision being made but sometimes (often!) getting to a decision is hard work.   We’ll explore the art of decision making for product managers  – both strategic and daily tactical decisions.   Learn how to improve your influence through decisions,  including tools to assist with better decision making.    Check out this article to get you thinking.

Join us on Thursday June 20th at the Mail Exchange Hotel at the corner of Bourke & Spencer.  Full RSVP info on eventbrite.

Bio: Steve Bauer is a Product Guy.  He is passionate about product management; the vision, the product and the team that brings it to life.  He is currently the Product Development Manager for Mobile at Telstra Wholesale, and has a background in mobile; including with Nokia, Symbian and Samsung.


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