Wèishéme (Why) – Product Anonymous – Sept 26th

Hi everyone,

Some of you know I’ve been in China for the last several months – but I’ll be back next month & presenting at the next #prodanon on Thursday Sept 26th!     Will be great to see everyone!!

Eventbrite - Product Anonymous - September 26  - Wèishéme

I’ll be talking about:


(that’s ‘Why’ in mandarin)

Being immersed in a brand new & very different culture, ‘why’ has been floating around Jen’s brain and spurred her thinking on why ‘why?’ is the most important question we can ask.

Whether we’re talking with a customer or end user, determining which feature to build next or how to market our product,  understanding the ‘why’ is needed to help us connect, make our products great & create success.

Come hear why it’s the most important question & how you can get to ‘why’ faster.


In case we don’t know each other, here’s the backstory…

After several months in China, Jen Leibhart will be back in Melbourne for the September meeting.   Jen is a co-founder of Product Anonymous,  co-organiser of Product Camp and has been a product manager for mobile & web products including games, recruitment software, ecommerce, news, communities & more.


As usual we’ll be at the Mail Exchange Hotel on the corner of Spencer & Bourke St.    Go down the escalator, head to the left side of the bar where the restaurant is then look to the left where the function rooms are.  That’s where we are.

We’ll be there for 6pm onwards & the talk starts about 6:30p.

Eventbrite - Product Anonymous - September 26  - Wèishéme

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