August event: Communicating the Value of Mobile

For years now, ‘mobile’ has been the hot ‘new’ thing – in the press and possibly in your company.  Most companies will have a desktop product that needs to be ‘mobile friendly’ but what exactly does that mean when you get into the details?

This month, Luke Chambers will help us understand the value of mobile and how mobile products are different to what we do on the web.   He’ll lead an interactive session on mobile, ux and product vision.


I’ll let Luke tell you more…

People have evolved with two legs, making us inherently mobile creatures, yet we’re still relying on desks and devices that tie us to a static location. Mobile computing changes all that, and our designs need to keep up in order to create a compelling experience for users of mobile apps and websites.

As designers and product managers we need a clear view of what we’re creating and why – simply scaling down a desktop app or website is majorly problematic.

  • So what are the principles we need to work in this arena?
  • How do we tackle starting a mobile project?

In this session we’ll explore the mobile landscape and run through some practical activities that help develop our mobile product vision and allow our teams to collectively make decisions about important features and other aspects that are otherwise more difficult to articulate. Make sure you RSVP for this one!!



Luke Chambers is a brilliant presenter and he is a general tinkerer, web tailor, user-centred design soldier and tall-ship sailor. Luke is one half of the founding partnership behind UX Mastery. He learned his collaborative, visual thinking and storytelling skills while studying filmmaking at the Victorian College of the Arts.

He has worked in the web industry since his first startup in 1999, and came across user-centred design while himself participating in a user testing session for Sensis. He has since championed user experience design for both small guerilla projects and at large companies like Penguin Books, and consults through his agency Experia Digital. He enjoys sailing tall ships, writing retro detective fiction and creating lists (lots of lists).

Throughout his day he listens, sketches, tells stories and explains to people the ‘why’ of the design that happens behind the visuals. He lives in a tumbledown farmhouse in Melbourne with his wife, and has three chooks.

You can follow Luke on Twitter at @lukcha.

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