Presentations & Decision Making with Maths – July Product Anonymous

We have 2 sessions in July – our normal event which will focus on using MBA tools (specifically maths) to help make product decisions and a special event about presentations – targeting folks who are interested in presenting at Product Camp.

How to use MBA tools to make product decisions

Thursday July 21st

Jen Marshall is someone who didn’t particularly enjoy maths at school, because most of what she was being taught was so theoretical and seemed to have little application. She learned later in life, while doing an MBA, that there are plenty of great ways to use maths in decision making. She now enjoys crunching the numbers.

Jen will share her experiences using financial tools to make product decisions. The session will include examples and step-by-step instructions. Everyone who attends will receive an email with useful links and reference materials.

Jen is CEO at Brainmates, the Australian Product Management training and consulting firm that hosts Leading the Product.

Thanks to Sportsbet for hosting us at their Stadium of Learning!

Nurturing product camp speakers – tips for better presentations

Wednesday July 20th

While we’ll be focusing on tips for putting together a presentation for next month’s Product Camp, the tips will work for any presentation that you’ve been asked to ‘throw together’ quickly.

Adrienne Tan, principal consultant at Brainmates, will teach you some of the techniques she uses to create effective presentations. Adrienne doesn’t profess to be a presentation ‘know it all’ but can step you through a process for extracting and articulating your story into a presentation.

This speaker workshop on the 20th of July will share more info about what Product Camp is all about, give you insight and tips about our audience and provide some prep tips and tools for presenting and facilitating.

Thanks To Level 3 and Stax for sponsoring and hosting us:

Level3 Level 3 is all about bringing the creativity back to technology, by generating conversation within the tech community and facilitating introductions between start-ups and enterprises. At Level 3, ideas come to life.

StaxStax shines a light on everything enterprises need to know to be confident in cloud by taking out the guesswork and providing visibility, automated risk assessments, compliance and maturity, and recommendations for achieving best practice.

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