Creating an NFT Marketplace as a White Label Experiment

For our last event of 2022, we’re going to get first hand experience with an NFT product.

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Lexicon recently created an NFT marketplace with a global sporting brand and will share their experience including:

1. Designing with NFT utility
2. Flexibility, scalability and experimentation
3. The importance of speed to market in a constantly evolving landscape

Our speakers:

Lexicon folks who worked on this project – Jan ErasmusPrincipal Delivery Consultant and Oliver NewberryLead Product and UX Designer

Our hosts:

reecetech is building a world-class engineering culture – designing and building products our customers and staff love, and solving hard problems using the latest technology. We pride ourselves on being entrepreneurial, non-hierarchical, fast (you can be deploying code to production on your second day here!) and creating massive impact by powering the Reece Group.

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