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Product Anon’s 2017 calendar:

Use the calendar above to see the dates for our Thursday evening sessions.  Topics to be updated & all RSVPs are done on Meetup.

Below lists the summaries from previous events.

Product Anon’s 2067 calendar:

  • Thursday Nov 24th – We heard from Zero Latency, Opaque and Phoria about VR & AR. Thanks to BlueChilli for hosting!
  • October – No Product Anon as there’s Leading the Product in Sydney and Melbourne!
  • Thursday Sept 15th – Katherine Barrett from shared her experience with decluttering her life and what that means as a product manager. Elabor8 were our amazing hosts!
  • August – No Product Anon as there’s Product Camp Melbourne on the 20th
  • Thursday July 21th – Event notes being worked on. Thank you Sportsbet for hosting!
  • Wednesday July 20 – SPECIAL EVENT – Tips for Better Presentations – Event for Product Camp prep. Adrienne Tan from Brainmates provided inspiration & tips for those interested in presenting at Product Camp – or anytime you need to present. Thanks Brainmates & Level3 for beer, pizza & hosting.
  • Thursday June – Managing Product Managers with Layla Foord & Fiona Moreton – Thanks PageUp for hosting
  • Thursday May 19th – Letting Go of Your Product with Suni Stolic of Cogent. Thanks Teamspace & Cogent for hosting!
  • Thursday April 14th – Roadmaps – friend or enemy? Thanks to Zendesk for hosting! Summary
  • Thursday April 7th – Special event! Mapping Experiences with Jim Kalbach. In coordination with Aconex & UX Design Group of Melbourne. Summary
  • Thursday March 17th – API Product Management & ProdMgmt in general – A Googler’s perspective. Thanks to Envato for hosting! Summary of the evening
  • Thursday Feb 18th – Using ‘Google design sprints’ to drive innovation. Thanks to ThoughtWorks for hosting! Catchup on the event with our wrap-up post.

Product Anon’s 2015 calendar:

Here’s the dates for our Thursday evening sessions.  Topics to be updated & all RSVPs are done on Meetup.

  • Thursday Feb 19th – Product Managers are from Pluto/UXers are from Uranus – Product & UX folks from Aconex, Seek, and MYOB talk about working together, collaboration and where we are the same yet different. Session notes. Thanks to Aconex for hosting!
  • Thursday March 19th – Enhance your Communication Skills with Sketching with Rebecca Jackson. Find out how to use visual communication at work & get some practice! Session notes. Thanks to Brainmates for sponsoring!
  • Thursday April 16th – How do *YOU* manage products? Redbubble, Envato & Zendesk share how they manage their global products & what product managers really do. Session notes. Thanks to Redbubble for hosting!
  • Thursday May 21st – Startup Session: xlabs – what are your users actually paying attention to? Session notes. Thanks to Xero for hosting!
  • Thursday June 18th – Innovation at Large companies. Panelists from Sensis, Victorian Government, Tatts Group/AFL talk innovation. Session notes.Thanks to Nintex for hosting.
  • Thursday July 18th – 7 things you need to know to work well with Sales. Thanks to Collective Campus for hosting. Session notes
  • Saturday August 22th – Product Camp Melbourne (no Product Anonymous this month) Summary of Camp
  • Thursday Sept 17th – When should you get serious about hiring product people? (aka Product Management at statups) Session notes Flippa is our host for the evening!
  • Thursday October 29th – How to Transform & Optimise Experiences with Leisa Reichelt – Session notes Thanks Aconex for hosting!
  • Thursday November 26th – End of Year party. Thank you Versent & Level3 for hosting us!

Product Anon’s 2014 calendar:

  • Thursday Jan 23th – Book Club – Discussion on the Heath Brothers’ book, Decisive.  Catch up on the session in our series of posts.
  • Thursday Jan 30th – Product Mgmt afternoon coffee (or lunch, BYOB)  at 1pm at Brunetti’s on Swanston @ Flinders St
  • Thursday Feb 20th – Your APIs are so product ready, it hurts!  with Jason Cormier of Mashery  – Read the session wrap up.
  • Thursday Feb 27th – Product Mgmt afternoon coffee (or lunch, BYOB)  2-3pm at Brunetti’s
  • Thursday March 20th – The 5 skills for mastering UX with Fox Woods & Matt Magain  – Read the session wrap up.
  • Thursday March 27th – Product Mgmt afternoon coffee (or lunch, BYOB) 2-3pm
  • No events in April due to the Easter & Anzac holidays
  • Wednesday May 14th – Jock Busuttil & panel on MVP (more details to come & NEW DATE) Read the session wrap-up
  • Thursday May 22nd – Product Mgmt afternoon coffee (or lunch, BYOB)
  • Thursday June 19th – Do Customers & Stakeholders *EVER* see eye to eye? Hosted by Mat Vine.  Read the session wrap-up.
  • Thursday June 26th – Product Mgmt afternoon coffee (or lunch, BYOB)
  • Thursday July 24th – Defining your Product  (& the benefit of not having much money)  Read the wrap-up
  • Thursday July 31st – Product Mgmt afternoon coffee (or lunch, BYOB)
  • Thursday August 21st – Communicating the Value of Mobile (& an innovation game) wrap-up
  • No Coffee in August
  • Thursday September 25th – See our wrap-up for Understanding Your Customer through Design Thinking (with Customer Journey Maps)
  • No Coffee in September
  • Saturday October 4 – Product Camp.   No evening #prodanon meeting due to camp.
  • Tuesday October 21rd – Product Mgmt coffee – lunchtime!
  • Thursday November 20th –  Product Anonymous End of the Year party!
  • Wednesday November 26th – Product Mgmt coffee (breakfast)
  • December – No usual meetings this month!  But we do have a special event with Rich Mironov & you can read all about it. Have a great Xmas, Boxing Day, Hanukkah, New Years, Kwanzaa (and if we’ve missed any, may you have a great one!) and a fantastic party season!

Previous events in 2013:

Previous events in 2012:

  • Dec – No meeting this month as we’ll all be out having too many year end drinks.  See you in 2013!
  • Nov 22nd –  End of year drinks at the Carlton Hotel Rooftop
  • Oct 20th – Product Camp Melbourne!  With an entire day to talk about things product & drinks after, we won’t be holding a separate product anonymous meeting this month
  • Sept 27th – Managing your customers (facilitated by Liz Blink + group discussion)
  • Aug 30th – Using games to understand your market (facilitated by Jen Leibhart + group activity)
  • July 26th – How to build your strategy in 15 minutes (presented by Liz Blink + group discussion)
  • April 19th – Managing your backlog (group discussion)
  • March 15th – Brainmates Product Talk: Communicating Product Management’s value to the C-suite (no prod anonymous meeting this month as there’s the Brainmates event)
  • Feb 23rd – IDEO, the shopping cart, innovation & product management (group discussion)

Previous events in 2011:

  • November 29th – our inaugural meeting!!!!

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