Product Anonymous uses Meetup for all RSVPs though you can also sign up to our google calendar to get reminders of events.  To add this to your calendar, you can search Google’s public calendars or click that little plus sign below at the bottom of the calendar.

Use the calendar above to see the dates for our Thursday evening sessions.  Topics to be updated & all RSVPs are done on Meetup.

Below lists the summaries from previous events. FYI, typically we don’t update this list in a timely manner so for the latest, go to the home page and scroll.  Or use search.

Product Anon’s 2024 calendar:

  • February 2024 – Upgrading your product delivery with OKRs with Tim Newbold from OKR Quickstart and hosted by David Jones

Product Anon’s 2023 calendar:

Product Anon’s 2022 calendar:

Product Anon’s 2021 calendar:

Product Anon’s 2020 calendar:

Product Anon’s 2019 calendar:

Product Anon’s 2018 calendar:

Data vs Design

    • Hosted by

Intrepid Group

    • in coordination with


Product Anon’s 2017 calendar:

  • November – Product Owner vs Product Manager. Yes that old nugget! A panel discussion with Steve Bauer from Telstra Wholesale, Nadia Gishen from Aconex, Michael Sloan from NAB and Manoel Pimentel from elabor8. Thanks to our hosts, Inspire9! Summary.
  • October – No ProdAnon as there’s Leading the Product!
  • September – Chatbots & Voice. We heard from several different companies who are working with chatbots or voice products including Keith Swann / elabor8, Daniel Galindo /Sensis, Jen Leibhart & Stuart Hill from Australia Post and Srinjoy De /RACV. Summary. Hosted by MelbourneIT.
  • August – No ProdAnon as there’s Product Camp Melbourne!
  • July – Jes Simson from Simson’s cards talked about being able to prototype anything. Summary. Thanks Sportsbet for hosting!
  • June- Are you leading a product team? Directing the product was a panel discussion from 3 product directors – Susan Teschner/99designs, Luke Bongiorno/Nintex and Rachel Morley/REA. Summary. Thanks Nintex for hosting!
  • May – We heard from George Cockerill/Deakin and Kostas Kazakosis/EA about Working with User Research. Summary. Thank you SEEK for hosting!
  • April – Thanks to elabor8 for hosting ‘The Making of Milanote’, one of our startup sessions. Summary.
  • March – Learning from your Customers via user research. Jo Squire & Katie Phillips from Australia Post talked about some of the research they’ve done and gave us an overview how to learn more from your customers. Summary. Thanks to aconex for hosting!
  • February – Duncan Macneil/Cartesian Creative & Sensis kicked off the year with a talk on Rouge UX. Summary. Many thanks to thoughtworks for hosting!

Product Anon’s 2016 calendar:

  • Thursday Nov 24th – We heard from Zero Latency, Opaque and Phoria about VR & AR. Thanks to BlueChilli for hosting!
  • October – No Product Anon as there’s Leading the Product in Sydney and Melbourne!
  • Thursday Sept 15th – Katherine Barrett from shared her experience with decluttering her life and what that means as a product manager. Elabor8 were our amazing hosts!
  • August – No Product Anon as there’s Product Camp Melbourne on the 20th
  • Thursday July 21th – Event notes being worked on. Thank you Sportsbet for hosting!
  • Wednesday July 20 – SPECIAL EVENT – Tips for Better Presentations – Event for Product Camp prep. Adrienne Tan from Brainmates provided inspiration & tips for those interested in presenting at Product Camp – or anytime you need to present. Thanks Brainmates & Level3 for beer, pizza & hosting.
  • Thursday June – Managing Product Managers with Layla Foord & Fiona Moreton – Thanks PageUp for hosting
  • Thursday May 19th – Letting Go of Your Product with Suni Stolic of Cogent. Thanks Teamspace & Cogent for hosting!
  • Thursday April 14th – Roadmaps – friend or enemy? Thanks to Zendesk for hosting! Summary
  • Thursday April 7th – Special event! Mapping Experiences with Jim Kalbach. In coordination with Aconex & UX Design Group of Melbourne. Summary
  • Thursday March 17th – API Product Management & ProdMgmt in general – A Googler’s perspective. Thanks to Envato for hosting! Summary of the evening
  • Thursday Feb 18th – Using ‘Google design sprints’ to drive innovation. Thanks to ThoughtWorks for hosting! Catchup on the event with our wrap-up post.

Product Anon’s 2015 calendar:

Here’s the dates for our Thursday evening sessions.  Topics to be updated & all RSVPs are done on Meetup.

  • Thursday Feb 19th – Product Managers are from Pluto/UXers are from Uranus – Product & UX folks from Aconex, Seek, and MYOB talk about working together, collaboration and where we are the same yet different. Session notes. Thanks to Aconex for hosting!
  • Thursday March 19th – Enhance your Communication Skills with Sketching with Rebecca Jackson. Find out how to use visual communication at work & get some practice! Session notes. Thanks to Brainmates for sponsoring!
  • Thursday April 16th – How do *YOU* manage products? Redbubble, Envato & Zendesk share how they manage their global products & what product managers really do. Session notes. Thanks to Redbubble for hosting!
  • Thursday May 21st – Startup Session: xlabs – what are your users actually paying attention to? Session notes. Thanks to Xero for hosting!
  • Thursday June 18th – Innovation at Large companies. Panelists from Sensis, Victorian Government, Tatts Group/AFL talk innovation. Session notes.Thanks to Nintex for hosting.
  • Thursday July 18th – 7 things you need to know to work well with Sales. Thanks to Collective Campus for hosting. Session notes
  • Saturday August 22th – Product Camp Melbourne (no Product Anonymous this month) Summary of Camp
  • Thursday Sept 17th – When should you get serious about hiring product people? (aka Product Management at statups) Session notes Flippa is our host for the evening!
  • Thursday October 29th – How to Transform & Optimise Experiences with Leisa Reichelt – Session notes Thanks Aconex for hosting!
  • Thursday November 26th – End of Year party. Thank you Versent & Level3 for hosting us!

Product Anon’s 2014 calendar:

  • Thursday Jan 23th – Book Club – Discussion on the Heath Brothers’ book, Decisive.  Catch up on the session in our series of posts.
  • Thursday Jan 30th – Product Mgmt afternoon coffee (or lunch, BYOB)  at 1pm at Brunetti’s on Swanston @ Flinders St
  • Thursday Feb 20th – Your APIs are so product ready, it hurts!  with Jason Cormier of Mashery  – Read the session wrap up.
  • Thursday Feb 27th – Product Mgmt afternoon coffee (or lunch, BYOB)  2-3pm at Brunetti’s
  • Thursday March 20th – The 5 skills for mastering UX with Fox Woods & Matt Magain  – Read the session wrap up.
  • Thursday March 27th – Product Mgmt afternoon coffee (or lunch, BYOB) 2-3pm
  • No events in April due to the Easter & Anzac holidays
  • Wednesday May 14th – Jock Busuttil & panel on MVP (more details to come & NEW DATE) Read the session wrap-up
  • Thursday May 22nd – Product Mgmt afternoon coffee (or lunch, BYOB)
  • Thursday June 19th – Do Customers & Stakeholders *EVER* see eye to eye? Hosted by Mat Vine.  Read the session wrap-up.
  • Thursday June 26th – Product Mgmt afternoon coffee (or lunch, BYOB)
  • Thursday July 24th – Defining your Product  (& the benefit of not having much money)  Read the wrap-up
  • Thursday July 31st – Product Mgmt afternoon coffee (or lunch, BYOB)
  • Thursday August 21st – Communicating the Value of Mobile (& an innovation game) wrap-up
  • No Coffee in August
  • Thursday September 25th – See our wrap-up for Understanding Your Customer through Design Thinking (with Customer Journey Maps)
  • No Coffee in September
  • Saturday October 4 – Product Camp.   No evening #prodanon meeting due to camp.
  • Tuesday October 21rd – Product Mgmt coffee – lunchtime!
  • Thursday November 20th –  Product Anonymous End of the Year party!
  • Wednesday November 26th – Product Mgmt coffee (breakfast)
  • December – No usual meetings this month!  But we do have a special event with Rich Mironov & you can read all about it. Have a great Xmas, Boxing Day, Hanukkah, New Years, Kwanzaa (and if we’ve missed any, may you have a great one!) and a fantastic party season!

Previous events in 2013:

Previous events in 2012:

  • Dec – No meeting this month as we’ll all be out having too many year end drinks.  See you in 2013!
  • Nov 22nd –  End of year drinks at the Carlton Hotel Rooftop
  • Oct 20th – Product Camp Melbourne!  With an entire day to talk about things product & drinks after, we won’t be holding a separate product anonymous meeting this month
  • Sept 27th – Managing your customers (facilitated by Liz Blink + group discussion)
  • Aug 30th – Using games to understand your market (facilitated by Jen Leibhart + group activity)
  • July 26th – How to build your strategy in 15 minutes (presented by Liz Blink + group discussion)
  • April 19th – Managing your backlog (group discussion)
  • March 15th – Brainmates Product Talk: Communicating Product Management’s value to the C-suite (no prod anonymous meeting this month as there’s the Brainmates event)
  • Feb 23rd – IDEO, the shopping cart, innovation & product management (group discussion)

Previous events in 2011:

  • November 29th – our inaugural meeting!!!!

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