Thurs Jan 24- 1st Product Anon of 2013

Hope everyone had an awesome break!!

If you were at our end of the year drinks, you might have heard about the January topic being planned.  I think we may have persuaded Chris to kick off the year after a few drinks were had 🙂

Please join us Thursday the 24th for a drink, a chat and Chris Dahl on the importance of taking a break:

Why Product Managers need regular escapes from the daily grind

Whilst the Product Manager role wears multiple hats, it’s critical that it has a primary focus on the future direction of the product (i.e. new opportunities, innovative feature competition doesn’t have).

This can prove to be a challenge for Product Managers when you have the daily grind of e-mail, customer requests & calls, and prioritisation. It’s important for us to recognise these distractions, and ensure we don’t let them inhibit innovative and high-value product development.

Location confirmed as Bull & Bear on Flinders Lane

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