November event: End of year social

Why does Product Anonymous always have a ‘social’ in November?

  • Because November is our birthday – Product Anonymous is turning 5 this year!!!
  • Because part of Product Anonymous’s mandate is to get product people meeting other product people & this event gives you much more time to say hi than our usual evening events.
  • Because it means one less speaker Jen & Liz need to organise 🙂

Yes, it’s all about saying hi to people you’ve met at other Product Anon events this year or making new friends.

We don’t have a speaker but you can tell us what you’d like to hear about next year & suggest speakers.

And we need to celebrate everyone who’s attended a Product Anonymous event, helped out at an event, re-tweeted us, the companies who sponsored our events, told their friends about Product Anonymous and everything else that has helped get us to our 5th birthday! Thank you!!!

Our sponsors for this event are Versent and Level 3.

Hope to see you there!!


Our Sponsors

We are a young consultancy where we do our best to change the face of enterprise IT. We believe in bringing craftsmanship back to technology, building the best and most solid systems on the largest scales. We are currently hiring and interested in hearing from anyone with passion


Level 3:
Level 3 is a purpose built collaborative space for events, hackathons, industry meetups, product development and desk rental in the heart of the CBD. Please enquire with us if you interested in renting the space

Level 3 Logo


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