Jul 26 – Next Product Anon session!

Our next Product Anonymous session is coming up on the 26th of July.  Same place: The Bull and Bear, and time 6 – 8pm.  Our topic for this session has a focus and there will be a short 10 – 15 minute intro by the Prod Anon group before throwing to the floor for discussion, debate and debacle!

Sign up here: http://prod-anon-july2012-eorg.eventbrite.com/

Build your product strategy in 15 minutes or less.

If you met your CEO in the elevator and they asked you, where is your product going and what is your vision? What would you say?

This session is about how to take time for the strategy of your product, without the prescribed workshops and all the other official artefacts one is supposed to produce.
How do you get to your vision so that you know how to guide those workshops? And how do you do that while you’re deep in the tactical BS?

This Product Anon event will talk about how to get it done in that 15 minutes between one meeting and the next – so you are not caught short the next time you are talking with the CEO.

I (Liz) am going to have a go at it, as my product strategy needs a rethink after 2 years in the market, and with the Product team having just revealed their new 3 year plan, where does my product fit in now? I have so many tactical things to look after with the peak of the life cycle, the new financial year beginning, and name any other excuse – but I need to know where I am going or all this tactical stuff just gets me through the week. So I will present my story (15 minutes max), how I got there and my (new) vision of where I want my product to be in 3 years time, so you can see if it worked! Then I will throw the discussion to the floor, as to how will you get to the same place, why is it so hard to dedicate time to the bigger strategy pieces for our own product. This is where we the philosophy of Product Anon kicks in and we learn from each other.