Product Camp – Saturday July 20th

In case you’ve missed our messages on Twitter, Linkedin and this site, there is no Product Anonymous session in July because Product Camp Melbourne takes place on Saturday the 20th.

Go register now! It’s going to be a great day because product camps are always inspiring, fun and rewarding. Read my take on why you should attend and Nick’s summary of the Product Camp Sydney he attended last month.

If you’re still wondering what the experience is like, check out the list of suggested topics. These topics will be voted on online & at camp. If you want to give a talk or lead a round table discussion on a specific topic, please add it to the uservoice listing.

There will be 2 keynote talks as well. We’re finalising the detail so watch for them soon!

And feel free to ask us any questions about camp as Liz & I are on the organising committee.

Product Anonymous will return to its regularly scheduled meetups in August. Thursday August 22nd to be exact!