2015 dates added

If you subscribe to our Google Calendar, you might notice we’ve added the dates for Product Anonymous’ evening sessions in 2015 – starting with February 19th.

Things are already starting to fall into place for an exciting panel discussion on the 19th.  More details to come early in the new year.

If you’re not subscribed to our Google Calendar, go to our Events page and click the ‘add calendar’ button on the bottom right of the embedded calendar.

December wrap: Product Management at Startups with Rich Mironov

We had a special guest, Rich Mironov, come to town in December – so Product Anonymous were very pleased to add an event into our 2014 calendar!

Getting ready to start sessionRich gave a fabulous and funny talk about ‘Why you’ll (eventually) Need a Product Manager at your Start-up‘.

Within the talk Rich drew on his experiences as PM, consultant & start-up CEO regarding the value of product management for start-ups – one of which is about scaling your start-up for growth.






prodanon-tweets2-richRich has a ton of resources on his blog and especially referenced this area of the blog for more on the topic of organising teams. To keep up to date with more updates from Rich follow him on Twitter.


Thanks again to our hosts for the evening for such a fabulous location – Sportsbet – who also put on drinks and food for the event.  And thanks everyone who came along on the evening.

See you in 2015!