Inaugural Product Anonymous meet up!

It happened.  It was surreal.  It had the start up size that says we have something here, but with December not providing enough weekends for Xmas celebrations, it was a smaller crowd than we might have had if not for Xmas moving into November!

Anyway a good night where intentions and ideas for purpose of the Product Anon group were discussed.  Burning issues like how I hate to see bad product design in my everyday life (Melbourne connex trams!) to the ideal place to work (IDEO) other than Google. So what is next? – a session in feburary next year.  Some thoughts and ideas are gathering as we iterate and evolve, like any good product that responds to market demand! And we are just generally enjoying the warm response we got from those we invited who couldn’t make the night!!

Have a fabulous festive season you brilliant people! Liz

Confirmed! Tues 29 6p Bear & Bull

Yes folks, Liz has confirmed our location for next Tuesday.

C’mon out to the Bull and Bear at 347 Flinders Lane between Elizabeth & Queen in Melbourne CBD.

No charge at the door, no charge to chat, buy your own food & beverage at the bar.

It’s about meeting other product managers & folks interested in product management.

Liz & I would love to hear your thoughts about what you want product anonymous to mean to you.

Update:  We’ll be in the front bar from 6-8p.  (Bear & Bull is bigger than I realised!)  If you have any problems finding us, tweet us at @product_anon

Meet next Tuesday? Nov 29th

Hi everyone!

Liz & I have been putting together plans for the first product anonymous evening.  We were thinking about having a very casual evening in November to start spreading the word & then kick off regular meetings in February (once everyone is back in town).

And here it is… late November… so…  what does everyone think about a very casual, come out & meet other product folk evening on Tuesday Nov 29th?  Liz & I would also like to use the opportunity to hear what you would like from a product focused local group.

It’s a little last minute but it would be great to see everyone!

We’ll be meeting in the CBD around 6pm with location details to come.  Please let us know if you can come along on Tuesday.