Looking forward to June

As posted a few weeks ago, May was looking to be a very busy month for both Liz & myself & we weren’t sure we’d have time to organise a May Product Anonymous meeting. Considering it’s the 20th… I think we can safely say we were right! 🙂

So.. June it is!

In the meantime, watch for coverage of the Sydney Product Camp which is on next Saturday (26th May). It might give you some ideas for the Melbourne one (scheduled for October & I know you’ll all be there!). I’ll be attending & will be tweeting.

If you’re looking for a new product management job, there’s been quite a few jobs advertised lately on the usual boards like MyCareer.com.au & with the usual agencies. Maybe it’s time to get your resume & linkedin polished?

Help! (for May’s event)


Liz & I are realising our calendars are swamped this month leaving very little time to organise the May event. Anyone out there interested in lending a hand?

We’re looking for someone (someones) who can help get the word out and/or assist with a topic or speaker. This also includes if you have a burning issue you’d like to talk to/debate with others.

Drop us a line if you’d like to chat or have any ideas. You can leave a comment below (which is moderated so don’t worry if you don’t see it appear) or tweet us @product_anon

Thanks! jen

Product Camp – up the road a bit…

Hi all,

While we’re focused on bringing Melbourne based product managers together, there’s a Product Camp happening up the road from us… or maybe it’s more like … a short flight away.

The last Saturday this month, May 26th, Brainmates are hosting Product Camp Sydney for the 3rd year in a row. If you’re up for a weekend away & hanging out with other product managers, c’mon along. There’s usually a few of us from Melbourne who go.

FYI, typically there are drinks after the event & us out of towners continue on for dinner after that.

For more info, check out Product Camp Sydney. if you’re interested, you can suggest a topic or offer to lead a conversation or present. RSVP here.

FYI, Brainmates will be hosting a product camp in melbourne later this year (october).