Being the next great Product Manager / Forbes

Great article in Forbes – How to be a great product manager: Who will be the next Marissa Mayer?

Great because it addresses that people don’t really know what product management is.   There!  The elephant in the room is spoken about!

One of the items I believe product anonymous could help address is this issue of educating the industry, bosses, CEOs, co-workers, the agile community and everyone else about product management.   If you think this would be helpful, comment below!  Let us know if this should be addressed at a meeting in the future.

The article is also great because it points out the lack of a product management school or degree (unless you’re in Google’s Associate PM program it seems).   Yes, there is training to be had but you don’t major in product management.  Considering how broad the role is, that’s probably a good thing but very different to other career paths.

What did you think of the article?